Success Stories

Biggest Loser Champion

“I love my StreetStrider! I’ve been riding for 9 years now since using it on the Biggest Loser Ranch and it never gets old.

It’s so much easier to stay motivated and keep up with your routine when you are outside and having fun. I actually look forward to working out now!”

– Helen Philips

We Love It

“We always wanted to take the Elliptical machine outdoors. We love it.When we are out Striding we are smiling the whole time…and it’s an amazing workout!”

StreetStrider Saved My Life

“The StreetStrider not only changed my life, it saved my life! In just 5 months I reach my goal, losing over 125 pounds. I feel younger and I look younger. If I can do it, anybody can.”

NFL Legend

“The StreetStrider works my upper body, lower body, and my core – all at the same time. I get a high level cardio workout, and my joints feel no impact! It’s like running on air!”

We Did It Together

“I never liked going to the gym so the StreetStrider was perfect for me.The fun factor is off the charts. It is something that I want to do everyday! I haven’t looked this good or felt this good since high school.”

80 Years Strong

“I am 80 years old and love my StreetStrider! I recommend it to everybody, all ages! I feel a lot more strength in my legs and I have strength in my upper body I never knew I had!”

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